Our Philosophy

If you're like most nonprofits and small businesses, you're focused on your mission, impact, and sustainability. If you're like most nonprofits and small businesses, you also need operational support. You need functioning, up-to-date HR processes to navigate the trepidatious employment waters. You need working technology and up-to-date platforms and licensing. You need accounting systems and financial management support. If your team is in an office setting, you need a facilities liaison. If your staff is virtual, you need someone to help tie everything and everyone together. How about insurance? Is your organization properly insured? Is your Board of Directors? When was the last time you reviewed your financial management policies and compliance strategies? Are you prepared for your upcoming audit? What do your contracts and contracting procedures look like? These are the details that most leaders squeeze into their evenings after spending the day focused on programmatic activities. What you may not realize is that these small but mighty details can make or break your ability to provide those programs in the first place.

You already run great programs. You need systems and infrastructure to tie it all together, so you can grow.

These days, most organizations realize that outsourcing saves money. In the past, employees performed each specialty within an organization. Today, small business owners and their teams provide us with a range of services and expertise that would have once been cost-prohibitive. However, even with these solutions, some organizations still can’t make ends meet. Most organizations don’t have the budget for a chief operating officer, an administrative director, an office manager, human resources director, several admins, IT staff, accounting help, and a lawyer or two. That’s where we come in.

Through experience, innovation, and partnerships, we provide specialized managed services.

We provide operational, financial management and human resources support; project consulting and staffing solutions; leadership and strategy; executive search, transition, and planning; operational improvement; and mergers and acquisitions. We recognize that we’re not the only people who do this work. There are big box companies that can provide these services but for most small to mid-sized nonprofits, those companies are financially out of reach. Enter Overhead Solutions, the affordable professional services solution.

At Overhead Solutions, our goal is to help our clients advance their missions and deliver on their own promise to the world.

Meet the Principal

Michelle Harvey
As the middle child of 2 pastors, I grew up watching my parents tirelessly serve others. At an early age, I found myself wondering, “Who takes care of the people who take care of everyone else?” With this ever-present question in mind, I’ve built my career in non-profit management as an attempt to answer it. I decided that I will be that resource. Supporting the work of great leaders and great companies is my way of serving the world.

I'm an experienced professional in the areas of operations, human resources, compliance, finance, facilities management, and IT management. I have a passion for social justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion. I'm adept in navigating complex organizational changes; leadership and people development; relationship building; business strategy; and financial acumen.

I've evaluated many businesses, including corporate infrastructure, IT, strategic plans, proposals, budgets, staffing, business plans, and more. I am an expert in maximizing every administrative dollar. If you’re looking for someone who can create similar results inside of your organization, you’ve come to the right place.  

I work with an entire team of affiliate partners and 
we're ready to help you.